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June 18th, 2008 - Philadelphia's Highest Rated rock station 93.3 WMMR plays Stoner Trivia

Today on 93.3 WMMR Philly's hightest rated rock station + morning program played Stoner Trivia today on the air. If you heard Stoner on the air today shoot us an email. Thanks WMMR. You rock.


April 28h, 2008 - Stoner Trivia picks up new Stores in Pennsylvannia

Stoner Trivia officially lands in 2 new stores in Pennsylvannia. Because of the laws of PA, it is difficult to sell Stoner Truvia in this state. However, 2 new stores have broken the trend and are selling the game. In New Hope, PA you can find Stoner Trivia at SUPERKIND, and in Jim Thorpe, you can find Stoner Trivia in Horizons. Email us for more information at

Feb 8th, 2008 - Stoner Trivia on Bulldog and Rude Anderson Show on WOCM 98.1 FM.

Dave was on the air with the Bulldog, Anderson and The Dude on the Bulldog and Rude Anderson Show. Bulldog did a great interview about the Stoner Trivia, and we asked questions to a caller named Big Mike who was extremely knowledgeable about Stoner Trivia. We also talked about the most controversial + most talked about questions in the game. Special Thanks to producer Tonya. You can listen to the show on


Feb 1st , 2008 - Stoner Trivia on the air with Don and Mike on CBS radio

Dave was the air on CBS radio promoting Stoner Trivia on "The Don and Mike Show" in Washington DC. These guys have a segment where Mike imiatiates Larry King and interviewed Dave about why he created the game Stoner Trivia. It was a long interview-bit and went on for 22 minutes. Thanks for spreading the word about Stoner Trivia CBS radio.


Jan 29, 2008 - The Naughty American posts "Stoner Trivia Too Tough for Tokers" New

Click here to read the article written by Alex Davies at Flash News. This is one of the coolest articles written about Stoner Trivia in a while, Please take the time to read it. Thanks for writing such a great solid article and finding us Alex Davies.


Dec 1, 07 - Stoner Trivia Welcomes our New Canadian Distributor KDK

Roverland is proude to announce the partnership between our new Canadian distributor KDK. We are really happy and excited to be working with a company as cool as KDK. Please check them out.


Sep, 2, 07- CHAMPS and Stoner Trivia Meet

Dave attended the CHAMPs festival at the Riveria Hotel in Las Vegas to spread the word about Stoner Trivia. CHAMPS is a festival for many homemade + stoner related products and items. We met new distributors who are getting ready to purchase Stoner Trivia, so look for it at store near you. We also met the KottonMouth Kings, Shavo from System of a Down, Jack Hehr and alot of other really cool people. Roverland loves CHAMPS. Check out some of the pictures.

Daddy X from the KottonMouth Kings

Smoking Hot Girls holding Stoner Trivia

Shavo from System of a Down + Stoner Trivia

Another Hottie holding Stoner Trivia


MAY 2, 07 - Stoner Trivia at Kidd Chris B-Day Bash

Dave attended 94 Free FM's Kid Chris's Birthday Extravenganza. While Matt and Scotty wrestled each other on stage, Dave handled a copy of stoner trivia to Thomas (Kidd Chris's sidekick). Thomas walked up on stage and handed a copy of stoner trivia to Kidd Chris who return a big fat smile. Happy Birthday Kidd Chris.


APRIL 20, 07 - Stoner Trivia on 94 FREE FM with MATT and HUGGY

Matt and Huggy from "The MAtt and Huggy Show on 94 Free FM took calls from listeners and asked them stoner trivia questions on the symbolic day of 4-20. Thanks to their producer JayBird for hooking it up. And a big thanks to Matt and Huggy who are funny as hell. Check them out.


FEB 24 ' 2007 - Stoner Trivia on The Stone Age Show with Bodine on 92.7 FM

Another Stoner Trivia contest was hosted by Bodine from the Ryan Lidell Stone Age Show at 92.7 FM. Thanks for finding us Bodine and doing the contest.. Check Bodine out here.


NOV 11, 06--Stoner Trivia Contest on X103.9's Happy Hour with John and Steve

John and Steve from X103.9's Happy hour did a kick ass promotion where listeners called in and had to answer 3 stoner trivia questions correctly to win a copy of the game. It was really funny as listeners called in to play. A big special thanks to Producer Bob for finding us, and especially John and Steve who were super funny and did a kick ass job. I am posting some mp3's of the contest, Please check them out, they are very entertaining. Right Click and save target as..

Stoner Trivia Contest Clip1

Stoner Trivia Contest Clip2

Stoner Trivia Contest Clip3

Stoner Trivia Contest Clip4

Stoner Trivia Contest Clip5

Stoner Trivia Contest Clip6

Stoner Trivia Contest Clip7

Stoner Trivia Contest Clip8

Stoner Trivia Contest Clip 9

Stoner Trivia Contest Clip10


JUNE 3rd, 06' -Team RoverLand at Wizard World Philadelphia

Team RoverLand went to the 2006 Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Book Convention and saw Kevin Smith's awesome Q & A which included a sneak peak of "Clerks II". It was tough, but Dave was able to hand Kevin Smith a copy of Stoner Trivia. Jason Mewes was there hanging out with him too at his booth which was great. It was luck that we even got tickets for it. Thanks Don!

View Askew Productions and


APRIL 06' -"The Jersey Guys" Radio Show Plays Stoner Trivia on Air

"The Jersey Guys" Carton and Rossi from New Jersey 101.5 FM radio played Stoner Trivia on the air and asked the listeners a bunch of questions from the game. People definitely had a lot of fun playing! Special thanks to Carton and Rossi for playing the game on air and for all the stoners that called in!

Check out "The Jersey Guys"


MARCH 9th, 06' -RLG donates to Green Medicine Group

RoverLand Games Inc. donated games to the Green Medicine Group located in Oakland, CA. It's a great Non-Profit Organization doing great things in regards to medicinal marijuana. Please visit their website and show them your support.


DECEMBER 3rd, 05' -2nd Annual Doesha Cup

RoverLand Games Inc. donated games and was a sponsor for this great event held in Hollywood, CA. The Doesha Cup is a charity event that benefits medicinal marijuana users.


NOVEMBER 10th, 05' -Don't forget to check us out in the upcoming January 06' issue of High Times Magazine as a must have gift for the 2005 holiday season! Thank you High Times! We love you guys! Click here to see the magazine clipping

Subscribe to High Times Magazine by clicking here.


AUGUST 22nd, 05' -Recent Review of Stoner Trivia from the Philadelphia CityPaper:

"IT'S A HIT-Testing out a new trivia game with a twist." By Brian Hickey


JULY 28th, 05'-Dave, the president of RoverLand Games Inc. was live on the air with "The Wolf in the Morning Show" WPYX-Albany, New York. Joining the Wolf was Jackie the Jokeman Martling. We played the game with them and had them cracking up! They loved it! To check out "The Wolf in the Morning Show", go to . They ROCK!!! :)

JULY 26th, 05'- This is something that everyone should read whether you smoke marijuana or not. Click on the following link to read the full article.

NORML Unveils 2005 "Truth Report"
Comprehensive Report Refutes White House's Top Marijuana Myths

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