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PRESS RELEASE: July 18, 2005  

RoverLand Games Inc. Unveils Novelty Trivia Card Game About Marijuana and the Stoner Culture.

July 18, 2005 – In the midst of the medicinal marijuana controversy, RoverLand Games Inc. unveils their first game called Stoner Trivia™, A Trivia Card Game. It is an educational and entertaining game about marijuana and the stoner culture.

Players test their knowledge by answering questions from categories such as Medical, History, Unjust Bust, Movies, Music, Law, Horticulture, World Culture, and many others. Build up points to buy Doobie cards by answering the questions correctly. Once you have 4 Doobie cards you win the game. Of course there are some surprises to keep things interesting. The Stoner Trivia™, A Trivia Card Game comes with 350 Stoner Trivia™ Questions, 20 Buzz Cards, 10 Busted Cards, 15 Happy Toking Cards, and 25 Doobie Cards.

RoverLand Games Inc. is a game company located in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. The company was started in 2003 with the idea of Stoner Trivia™, A Trivia Card Game.

Release Date

Stoner Trivia™, A Trivia Card Game will begin shipping on July 20, 2005 and can be purchased from
Contact Information

Please contact us for more information about Stoner Trivia™, A Trivia Card Game.


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