Stoner Trivia™, A Trivia Card Game

18 and over
2-5 players

"Stoner Trivia™, A Trivia Card Game", is a fun novelty game thats tests your knowledge of marijuana from the following categories: Stoner Movies, Music, History, Paraphernalia, Law, Medicine, Sports, Television, Unjust Bust, World Culture, Horticulture, and more.

As you Answer questions correctly, you earn points to win DOOBIE Cards. Try and collect four twenty point Doobie cards to win.

Stoner Trivia, has 350 Stoner Trivia™ questions, 25 DOOBIE Cards, 20 BUZZ Cards, 10 BUSTED Cards, 15 HAPPY TOKING Cards.

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CORRECTIONS: The Stoner Trivia Card Game collection includes 3 questions with mistakes. Below are the corrected questions and answers.

Music: Jello Biafra, a marijuana activist, was a member of what punk rock band named after a former president? -The Dead Kennedy's

Movies: What movie stars Ice Cube and Method Man as stoners who go to Harvard? -How High

Unjust Bust: What LSD guru was arrested for marijuana possession and sentenced to 30 years in the 1970's?-Timothy Leary

If you find any mistakes other than the ones listed above, please send us an email at .

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